poop emeralds

Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr

While enjoying my morning coffee which includes The Daily Dilbert
I was again made aware of how much site redesign can suck.

And I guess Dilbert.com is one of the worst examples. The site went from straight forward and simple (and, of course, funny) to being rediculously ‘blinky’ and flooded with seless information. I couln’t even find todays comic strip at first.

I can only hope that this is a late April’s Fools Joke by Scott Adams….

Having Dilbert in colour is nice and all. Having an animated Dilbert once a week might be a good enough gimick to some folks to justify such a radical not to say stupid redesign. I for one would rather have the good old black and white daily dilbert without all the fuzz that’s seems to be coming about with new site now.

It’s not that I think changes is bad per say. It’s just that bad changes are bad. I might even consider removing Dilbert from my morning coffee and just wait for the daily dilber per mail. I can only hope that - should that ‘service’ be continued - the mails won’t become bloated as bloated as the new site.