I recently read an article in the German computer magazine c’t about controlling simple plugin switches via pilightPilight is a small piece of software with a built in web-based GUI that can control a variety of devices. This intrigued me quite a bit since I still had a cheap Brennstuhl RCS 1000 N comfort lying around here, which is exactly the switch set used in the article and is apparently supported quite well by pilight.

So, of course, I sat down and ordered a GPIO Full Kit from the pilight shop as well as a DHT22/AMS2302 temperature and humidity sensor from Amazon, plus some resistors, cables and my very first bread board.

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Home Assistant

I believe home automation, at least for me, is to a large extent driven by the joy of trying out new things and extending my system. I think this is why, despite my previous endeavors into FHEM, I kept on tinkering with Home Assistant. I am a big Python fanboy and do dislike PERL with a passion, so it seems in a way natural to do so.

Home Assistant States
Snapshot of my Home Assistant setup – obviously it is a work in progress.

There are a lot of things going on around Home Assistant at the moment and I think that is quite fantastic. In this post I’d like to take a moment to describe the basic steps needed to get up and running with Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, including setting up InfluxDB and Grafana for all your graphing needs.

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