This is my portfolio.



Dad on Tech is my pet project of late. I publish articles about everything tech there. Driven by Hugo and GitHub.


Home page of Dana Mergel, at dana-mergel.de. Dana Mergel is a german author who is just starting her writing career


The homepage for the infamous IRC channel #gamedev.ger (on euIRC.net).


Developia.de used to be Germany’s biggest community for hobby- and semi-professional developers. The platform is almost completely community driven, i.e. co...



A netlify-cms has its own github OAuth client. This implementation was created by reverse engineering the results of that client, so it’s not necessary to re...


OctoPrint-Ender3tf2sd is a simple plugin to make OctoPrint recognize the SD card in your Ender 3 (Pro).


pilight2mqtt passes messages between pilight and any mqtt broker. What it does is basically talk to the pilight API and broker between an MQTT channel and pi...

Visual REST

Visual REST is a graphical modelling language for the design of resource-oriented applications. I developed Visual REST as part of my master’s thesis at the ...

Task Board

A task board is typically a phyisical whiteboard that an agile team uses to track their progress. The notion of a task board is most prominently used in Soft...