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Ever since the whole Corona thing started I was stuck working from home (and started really enjoying it, too). However, my setup at home left something to be desired. I did have one big monitor, but then would mostly use my notebook as a second screen when I was using the nobetbook. Or no second screen when working from my regular PC. So I started out updating some thing here and there. Buying a new webcam was a bit of a challenge - and maybe still is because I am not yet sure I am going to keep my hyper expensive DSLM setup.

Anyway, I though I would do brief rundown of all the gear I have set up now. Let’s start by looking at the setup I started from.

Desktop Old

I think all in all it was an OK setup, but a bit dated and also a bit ugly with the peg boards distributed left and right, the Ikea shelve above the monitor and the old logitech speakers stuck to the wall (which I did in an effort to save desktop space).

The monitor was actually still quite good (Dell 27” QHD, but I do not remember the exact model), but I still wanted to replace that with two large displays of the same type, with thinner bezels, to make better use of my desktop real estate. You may also notice the old webcam (Logitech C615). That started to behave a bit weird on Windows at some point, randomly not working due to what I think were driver issues. The quality was also so-so, so I decided to replace it as well.

I of course kept the audio interface (Steinberg UR22mkII), but replaced the old Lenovo dock (USB-C version) with the TB3 version to get two monitors connected properly. My T480s actually has TB3 port, but I was using the USB-C in that shot. (I actually thought the new MacBook I got from work would also just work with the TB3 dock, but apparently Apple disagrees with me).

Before I go to listing all my gear in excruciating detail, here is a picture of what my current setup looks like right now.

Desktop New

What may not be obvious is that this is now actually a height adjustable desk which is super nice. New chair also soon to be delivered I hope - that selection process was a journy all in its own right, by the way. I ended up going with a Viasit Scope in the end.

I am - for the moment - sticking to my old speakers. I wanted to swap them out for some studio monitors, but I am in no rush to do that right now as it would also mean getting a wider table top. Maybe after Christmas. You will also notice the oddly placed light to the right of the monitors. That is my old Sled2Pro which I am using as a key light at the moment (and still need a fill/back light, but also that is a different story).

Here is the full inventory of my currnet gear (excluding PC and T480s because the former is custom built and the latter is no longer available, I think). Other than that let’s go by category.


Marantz Professional MPM1000

Røde PSA1

Steinberg UR22 MKII

Gravity GHPHTC01B Headphone Holder

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

CORDIAL ES XLR Microphone Cable


Sony Alpha 6400

Corsair Elgato cam link 4K

Subtel® Quality Power Supply Adapter for Sony

Manfrotto Camera/Umbrella Bracket

Manfrotto 196AB Arm

Manfrotto 035 Ftc Super Clamp

SMALLRIG KBUM2732 Magic Arm with Super Clamp

Ulanzi Metal Smartphone Tripod Mount

Jsaux USB-C Cable


Sled 2 PRO

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Play Lightbar

Philips Hue Bridge


2x Dell UltraSharp U2719D Monitor (27”, QHD)

Omoton Double Space Stand

UGREEN 4 Ports USB 3.0 Parts USB Switch

LX Desk Dual Direct Arm - Matte Black

Lenovo TP TB3 Dock 135W 40AN0135EU

Logitech G502 HERO

Cherry Mx Board 3.0

There are possibly still some things to optimize and overthink (espcially the camera - I really like to quality a lot, but I wonder if I will use it much outside of streaming/webcam use, and it IS more expensive than I wanted, mainly because I was unable to get my hands on an A5100 for a reasonable price, thanks to Corona). All in all I am pretty happy with that setup and really enjoy home office now ;)

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