I am a professional software engineer and agile leader with many years of experience. I offer some consulting and development services.

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Continous Integreation and Continous Delivery CI/CD

I can support you and your company in builing a continous integration (CI) and delivery (CD) workflow for your projects and products. I have many years of experience doing just that in a corporate environment based on tools such as Jenkins, Artifactory, BitBucket and Docker.

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Sofware Design and Architecture

I am an experienced software architect and have overseen multiple large development project and products over the years. If you need experience building low-level interfaces based on C or C++, building complex embedded software stacks, or even want to create a new RESTful API for your latest web-based product I can help you with all of that!

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Python development

My experience with Python ranges from simple scripting to large and complex web application and RESTful services. I can work with you to get your next Python project or product off the ground quickly using frameworks such as Django, Flask and Click. I can also support you in creating tests for your applications using pyunit and robotframework.

I can also support you with packaging and deployment of your tools and applications using for example setuptools, pip, bumpversion and twine.

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Frontend development

If you need support developing web pages and frontends using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript be sure to get in touch. I can help your build your new frontend or update your existing one based on frameworks such as as Bootstrap, Angular and React.

Static Page Generation

If you are looking to provide your users with a blazingly fast web experience you will look at static page generation, using tools like Jekyll (which is also running this site!). I can help you get your user experience to the next level by developing a custom Jekyll site for you, including template development and deployment support.

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Speech Input / Ouput development and integration

Setting up and integrating a working speech input or output stack can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider like accuaracy, latency and quality. I can support you with the integration of speech technology into your products. My experience ranges from grammar based speech input (ASR - automatic speech recognition) to neural network based speech output (TTS - text to speech). I have worked in both fields, at the core of the technology, for many years.

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