After some five years I finally decided it was time to say goodbye to my old desktop PC, an old Intel Core2Quad Q9550  with 8GB RAM and an somewhat ancient Sapphire Radeon HD4870.  I abandoned all components except my two SSDs; one Intel 320 (120GB) and one Samsung SSD 840 PRO (256GB). This also means that I replaced my Antec P180 with a new enclsoure.

Goals for the new system were primarily performance combined with low noise emissions.  Five years ago, when I was building my old system, it was much more complicated to get a decent system at low noise levels. However, this has become a very easy feat recently, thanks to many great cases and low-noise cooling systems being available. It seems that the computer industry is finally picking up on that trend.

Now, finally, for the components I’ve put into the new system.

I have not run any benchmarks yet, as I am still waiting for the Windows 8.1 installation to finish. That is quite a time consuming process when you have to start from a Windows 8 installation disk and work your way through all the updates.

The system is very silent when running Windows, though. The Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 is an excellent case with excellent cable management plus the components I chose all feature low-noise fans, so I would think that this helped a lot. I’ll see how it performs under load.

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